Nie Lekcewaz Nas (Do not underestimate us)

Colaboration between rappers from all slavic countries. Every country is represented by one or two MC’s (not neccesseraly the best mc’s from each country). I really like the idea of this song and it was partially my inspiration to create this blog. Enjoy!

Rappers: Pono (PL), Ego (SK), Vova iz Lvova (UA), Remi (HR), S.A.F. (MK), Mih (BY), Sharks (SLO), Ill Government (SRB), Sokół (PL), Wladimir (CZ), Ligalize (RUS), Frenkie (BIH), Koff (SLO), Cistychov (SK), Komplex (SRB), XL Deluxe (UA), Orion (CZ), Spens (BG), Bazyl (BY), Berezin (RUS) & Martina (PL)

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