Seryoga – Disco Malaria

There is lots of catching up to be done, so today I’ll post some older clips. Lets kick it off with russian “star” Seryoga (СЕРЁГА) and song “Disco Malaria” (Диско Малярия). This video is apparently  4 years old. The description that came with video:

In Russia this gold and platinum award winner is known by every child, his fame spanning a seventh of the earth’s dry surface. Admired and loved or hated and feared by millions — the fame of SERYOGA the Hip-Hop-Superstar remains as deep a mystery as the “Russian soul”.
Having successfully brought Hip-Hop to a new level on 1/7 of the worlds surface, $ERYOGAs new goal seems obvious: to conquer the rest of the world as well. As the videos of his new album “DiscoMalaria” are extremely rotating on the music-channels in Russia, the young kids already celebrate it as a big step in the young history of Russias Hip-Hop. For $ERYOGA the time has come to move on to western Europe.

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