Kali feat. Luger, Tomas Botlo – Poctivost

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Slovak rapper Kali with his new video “Poctivost” (“Honesty“) featuring Luger and Tomas Botlo on the hook. In this song, Kali and Luger tell us about how hard it is to make a living by honest work. Most of you will probably recognize the sample!

Momo – Stratena rovnovaha

Posted in Slovakia on October 13, 2011 by PapaQ

First video single of Momo‘s upcomming album “Stratena rovnovaha“.

Slums Attack – Kto ma renome

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One of Poland’s most popular rappers Peja and DJ Decks (Polish rap group Slums Attack) with their new video “Kto Ma Renome” from basketball enviroment.

Priki feat. Remi – Oni Znaju Bolje

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“Oni Znaju Bolje” (They know better) is the first single of bosnian rapper Priki. This time with accomplished croatian female mc Remi (Elemental).

Three new videos by DJ Wich & Nironic

Posted in Czech Republic on September 30, 2011 by PapaQ

DJ Wich & Nironic – Dreaming

DJ Wich & Nironic – So Loco feat. LA4, Ektor

DJ Wich & Nironic – Finger feat. Hi-Def

Nomad 2: The Long Way Home is the name of the second album of this colabo: famous czech producent DJ Wich and brooklyn MC Nironic. All the 3 tracks are from this album and the duo promised atleast another 2 videos.

N.O.N Koneksja – Przyparty Do Lin (remix)

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Polish group “N.O.N Koneksja” with the video from the boxing enviroment. The original version of this track appeared on their recent album “Persona NON Grata“.

Source: Hip-Hop.sk

DJ Fatte – Naslap

Posted in Czech Republic on August 23, 2011 by PapaQ

Instrumental track by czech DJ Fatte of IdeaFatte and record label Ty Nikdy.